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Days in May: Kent State remembered

“Four Dead in Ohio” Monday, May 4, 1970. The first reports came from Kent State via a Telex machine in our College Press Service office, part of a small Telex network linking college newspapers around the country: National Guard shoots … Continue reading

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Santa Barbara oil spill four decades ago resulted in historic efforts to protect the environment

For many Californians, the BP disaster stirred memories of Union Oil’s Santa Barbara oil spill in January 1969. That disaster ended a decade of feverish construction of drilling rigs in the Santa Barbara channel and led to historic responses by the federal government to protect the environment.

So far, the Gulf oil spill has resulted in nothing approaching the response to the Santa Barbara spill, even though the BP crude oil spill is 50 times greater. Continue reading

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Recollection of a reflection: a Buffalo student protest in 1969

That’s how we feel, like that big weather-beaten clock face, looking with that same blank inscrutability in all four directions. Continue reading

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